Custom Product Development

  • Custom Coils Canada builds unique heat transfer coils for a variety of applications.
  • Replacement Coil and Radiator Combo for TK210 - PN 08-060086-04 -
  • CCC builds drop in replacement coils for various commercial applications. From simple fan coils to individual coils for retrofitting an entire condo building or larger coils for heating and cooling an entire building

Custom Coils Canada builds unique heat transfer coils for a variety of applications. With 30 years of experience designing and manufacturing OEM replacements for Mobile, Commercial or Industrial applications.

We specialize in short run production quantities for small to medium size manufacturers, one-off replacement coils and quick turn around repairs for HVAC, Plumbing and Mechanical Contractors.

Heat Transfer and Heat Exchangers

Heat transfer coils, also known as heat exchangers, are custom-designed pieces of equipment used to transfer heat between two or more fluids. They consist of a tube bundle, fins, and headers made from materials like copper, aluminum, or stainless steel depending on the application. Heat transfer coils come in shell and tube, plate and frame, spiral, and other specialized designs to optimize heat transfer efficiency.

The fluids flow through the heat exchanger tubes in a counter or parallel flow pattern, separated by the tube walls. As the hot fluid flows through the tubes, it transfers its thermal energy through the walls to heat the cold fluid flowing on the other side. The large surface area of the fins attached to the tubes increases the heat transfer rate. The headers direct the fluid into the tubes and collect the fluid after it exits. The entire heat exchanger is carefully engineered to maximize heat transfer, minimize fluid pressure drop, and fit the spatial constraints of the application.

Heat exchangers play a critical role in HVAC systems, refrigeration, power plants, chemical processing, and other industrial processes. Their capacity to efficiently transfer heat allows these systems to operate properly. Custom heat transfer coils are designed for the specific conditions like flow rates, temperatures, and physical layout of each unique application. Proper heat exchanger selection, design, and maintenance are crucial to optimize thermal performance.

Use our Coil Templates or send us your own template, SolidWorks/CAD file or your sample. We’ll work with the information you have to design and manufacture or replicate a solution for your needs.

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